Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Favorite Space

I have long been fascinated by this office image (I've even shared it before here) and I think it will be the inspiration for my future home office in our someday house. I love the colors, textures, details, everything.

I've always wondered what house this pretty little office belonged to. So I did a reverse image search to find the source. It's from a beautiful Finnish (?) photographer and the whole house is lovely, as I was sure it would be.

I think I'll move right in!

{live beautifully}


  1. Love it!!! I wouldn't want to change a thing.

  2. That really is a lovely house.

    Roelie, de hortensiatuin

  3. Anonymous5/28/2013

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  4. Whats not to love....could move right in and live happily ever after!!! Great post..

  5. I am also fascinated by that photo that you shared here Courtney. I think I might use this one also since we are selling our office for sale in Singapore with this kind of design the space will absolutely attract more clients and possible renters. Thanks for sharing a very valuable post and article! :)

  6. The house stands out! very elegant looking! everything is royalty. hope to apply this inspiration once i decide to buy palms @ 6th avenue in Singapore.


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