Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Perfect Inspiration House

Have you seen this house? Seriously...perfection...seriously. As we're beginning to house hunt a little, I've dreamed a lot of exactly what a home I owned would look like. How would I decorate it? I love vintage, but not fru fru. I like clean lines, but nothing cold. I love neutrals, but not blah. This house is the perfect mix of vintage, clean and neutral without any of the negatives. It's absolutely inspiring to me as I dream of our future home!

The home was featured in Canadian House and Home and was photographed by Tracey Ayton Photography

I love the use of the French chandeliers against clean lines. Those are my favorite light fixtures, but I'm always afraid they'll make a room too stuffy. This is the perfect pairing.

Each room has subtle texture and vintage detailing without feeling too shabby or worn. It still feels clean and sophisticated, but with collected personality.

The lamps, bedside chests and silver trophies are the perfect mix in the master bedroom.

The kitchen feels so calm and comfortable, yet elegant at the same time. The wood beams really warm up the gray cabinetry.

And what's a good inspiration home without a gorgeous ironstone collection?

I love the bits of black against the soft grays and whites in this room. The equestrian motif is playful but not overdone.

I think I've officially found my inspiration look for when we move! Now to find the perfect house to match : ) 

Do you love this home as much as I do? What's your favorite part?

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  1. I too love this home. I really like the bedroom!

  2. I LOVE this home too! Apparently it's only an hour from me. Simply gorgeous!
    Jamie @

  3. I do adore this place! So chic, with just the right mix of new and old. So light and airy!

  4. Wow, that is the right kind of mix between neutrality and vintage scheme! This house is astonishing, but not overwhelming; stylish, but able to retain the homey feel. I hope you'll be able to carry out this inspiration when you design your home. Have a nice day!

    Devin Newton @ Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

  5. That house looks very elegant, and it looks so peaceful and cozy because of the colors used. The furnitures look very expensive too. Seems like you've really got a great taste for an inspiration. I hope to see the look of your home when you move. Thanks for sharing this, Courtney! Take care!

    Devin Newton @ Indy Market Homes


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