Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fourth Of July Weekend

Hello friends! The summer has gotten away from me and I haven't not paid much attention to this poor little blog. I have just been enjoying time with my husband, afternoons by the pool, estate sales and flea markets, road trips, lazy days, walks around the neighborhood, and lots of sunshine. It truly has been a magical and fun-filled summer. We're also on the hunt for our first house, and though it's taking longer than my impatient self would like, we're getting closer!

This Fourth of July was a complete blast. We spent the whole day with friends, and my friend Leah and I got to stop by a local farm to pick fresh blackberries while the boys went golfing. It was such a fun activity for the morning of Fourth of July. They had fresh scones, coffee, berry lemonades, and all sorts of other delicious breakfast items to start he morning off.

Some friends of ours own the farm, so farmer George led us into the berry patch and showed us how to choose the perfectly ripe berry. Here's something strange about me...I don't care for any kind of berry (or berry flavored thing) except blackberries. Yep, not strawberries, blueberries, raspberries...none of them...except blackberries. I have no idea why! So it was a treat for me to be able to pick fruit I knew I would be able to enjoy!

Leah made the perfect berry picking model : )

Our fingers were stained with the purple juice by the time we finished, but we didn't mind! We took home a bucket-full each, and I've been indulging in goat cheese and blackberries each night after dinner. The perfect snack!

{via my instagram}

On our way home we also passed this darling barn at a local peony farm. It's the same grower I purchased my farmer's market peonies from a few weeks ago. I'd love to come here when the peonies are in season! But the barn was so charming we just had to stop and snap a photo.

We spent the rest of the afternoon by the pool, followed by dinner on the golf course with our husbands  and fireworks over the greens. It was the perfect day. The next morning we headed out for a trip to Kansas City. It was KC's first Friday antiques weekend again, my favorite shopping!

{These photos are from my phone and taken among crowds of people - sorry for the quality/blur}

I had not been to first Friday since the addition of Prize Antiques, a high-end European dealer. Everything was jaw-droppingly gorgeous. I made Leah walk through the section twice because there was so much to look at and I was in pure heaven. The prices were far out of my reach, but probably reasonable given the rare, quality and imported goods he carried. It was breathtaking.

I loved this display with the daybed and rocking horse.

There were urns everywhere, most over $1,000 a piece.

The displays were incredible, and there was more eye candy than I could even take in! 

It was such a fun trip and relaxing weekend. We could not have asked for more! How did you celebrate the Fourth? A simple barbecue or a more full weekend like we had?

{live beautifully}

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