Monday, October 28, 2013

Bottoms Up Antiques: Prize

Good morning! Today I have more photos from my trip to Bottoms Up. All of the vendors are truly amazing, but my favorite has got to be Prize Antiques. Steve Rogers has the most gorgeous mix of European, industrial and patina-d antiques. I spend quite a bit of time perusing his incredible displays every time I go to Bottoms Up.

Steve was at Round Top when I was there, as were many of the vendors, so I didn't get to talk with him. But I would love to know how he does what he does! I talked to another vendor about him and was very interested to learn that he works full time as a marketing executive for a major company, since I also work in marketing and do antiques on the side (granted I work at a church and I think he's pretty high up in a national company, but still there are similarities : )

{this might be my favorite photo from the the blue Swedish bench paired with the old bookcase and grain sack pillows}

I had always assumed Steve must travel regularly to Europe to get most of his wares, as many of them look European to me, but the other vendor said he doesn't go overseas. He assumes he gets most of his items while on business trips through his company. (Steve, if you ever read this I would love to know how you do what you do! : )

Either way, his wares are amazing and his taste is impeccable!

This collection of antique urns (as well as wire ones on the bottom row) was impressive. And check out that huge corbel on the top shelf! You know I'm a sucker for corbels : )

This harvest table...umm there are not words. It was very, very long, with great distressed white paint and a zinc top. Unbelievably gorgeous, especially paired with the French chairs.

All of the little vignettes throughout the space are perfect. Steve mixes typography (he has incredible signs) with interesting shapes and different textures for perfect layering.

This wall of old suit cases was one of my cool.

This hutch was gorgeous on its own, plus it was filled with tons of antique mercury glass (the real stuff, not reproductions). I loved it all!

This sign was probably what I wish I would have taken home most as I have the perfect spot for it.

Collections and groupings were everywhere, like this collection of vintage bottles.

I would drive to KC just to go to Prize, but the rest of Bottoms Up is incredible too! Their next show is this Friday and Saturday, November 1 and 2. I'll share one more post with photos from the entire show before the next event, so stay tuned!

{live beautifully}


  1. First...ADORE your living room!

    Secondly, I went to Roundtop too, and I think my mom bought something from this guy!

    Small world. :)


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