Monday, October 21, 2013

Mixing Vintage and New {First Peek at Our New House}

Good morning friends! I finally have at least a tiny peek into our new home for you. Things are coming together and constantly evolving, but it's not totally camera-ready yet. As always, you can see behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram.

Today I wanted to show you my gorgeous find from Bottoms Up Antique Market. As you know, I got to be a sneak-peek blogger for them a few weekends back and had such a blast shopping and photographing all the beautiful wares for you. I have lots more pictures to share but first I wanted to show you what I found and how I'm using it in my home.

I scored this gorgeous antique French wicker shipping trunk from White x White, one of my favorite vendors. I absolutely love it! I was hoping to find one of these the day I went to Bottoms Up and was so thrilled they had one (and it was a very reasonable price as well). I knew this was the look I wanted in this little corner of the living room and it came together perfectly. This is such a great example of the kinds of unique pieces you can find at Bottoms Up. I know these shipping trunks are quite rare (and usually very expensive) but their dealers have such a wide variety of items that you really can find more unique pieces.

I'm not exactly sure what the old letters say - my best guess is CH Feltein, but who knows! Either way, the typography is great and makes such a statement. The trunk does lean a bit, but I think I have a few creative ideas on how to level it off. That's just part of the charm!

You all know my obsession with trophies, and this one takes the cake. It's a huge old loving cup from 1925 that I found in Oklahoma for a steal. I spotted several great trophies while I was at Bottoms Up as well. In fact, the two below on the right came from Bottoms Up on another trip. They were imported from Scotland.

The white wing chair came from TJ Maxx, the lamp from JC Penney and the mirror from One King's Lane. So a little new and a little vintage going on in this corner, which really is my favorite way to decorate. The perfect amount of character and charm with some new pieces mixed in. 

The next Bottoms Up market is November 1 and 2 as part of Kansas City's Warehouse Weekends. If you are anywhere near KC, I can't recommend Bottoms Up enough! I'll be sharing more photos from my trip in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

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  1. Love it all! I saw your feature on my friend, Melinda's Mag! Gorgeous, to say the least! Good luck in your new home - you will have so much fun making it all your own with the decor!


  2. Hi Courtney, I have just found your Blog and have found it delightful with creativity and enthusiasm. It's wonderful to see and read that we have similarities, especially in collecting and travels.
    I'm from Texas and know the thrills of Round Top well....but now I have turned to the untapped joys that can be found in Kansas....enjoy and keep sharing :>)

  3. Maybe I’m just biased with vintage-contemporary themes, but I can say you’re using them really well, Courtney! I’m sure your new home would be a depot of blog-worthy things. Avril@Georgia.ChurchillMortgage


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