Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Our Dining Room and Painted Table

I am so happy to say that our dining room table is finally painted! If you follow me on Instagram you know it's been a bit of a process. I love following blogs like Miss Mustard Seed and admire those women for what they can do, but furniture painting is not my calling in life : ) I don't enjoy it much or feel I'm very good at it, so this was a big undertaking for me. Luckily one of my good friends Joey is incredible at redoing furniture so she graciously spent many hours with me in the garage sanding, priming, painting and "glazing."

Here you can see how the dining room flows into the living room - all one big space. 

Here is the table before we painted it. I purchased it on Craigslist for $175. I knew I wanted a French Provencial table with simple legs and cane backed chairs. This fit the bill and the budget!

 We painted it in Snowfall White by Benjamin Moore and then did a sort of glaze/wipe off of Stonington Gray over it to give it some depth.

I really should properly set the table for more interesting photos, but I don't feel the space is totally "done" yet so I simply shot it plain. For Christmas it will probably be much more dressed up! I definitely plan to add a mirror and maybe some ironstone plates on the big blank wall behind the table, but I'm saving up for the mirror (I feel like we've just been bleeding money haha!)

The view from the middle of the living room - I think it all ties together nicely. Definitely need something on that back wall though!

We replaced the light fixture with this French-inspired chandelier from World Market

The frame was an antique store find and I simply adore it. I bought it to sell but then couldn't let it go once I realized it would be great in this space. The boxwood wreath fills it in perfectly.

Here you can see the glazing a little better. It definitely reads white in person, but has gray glazing when you look closely. I plan to recover the chair seats in linen but haven't gotten that far yet. The current seats aren't terrible from far away or in photos, but they are really a yellow-y coarse canvas and very stained so they need to go.

I am in LOVE with these linen winged parsons chairs from Home Decorators. They are so beautiful and add so much elegance to the table. I can't recommend them enough. I paid just $200 each for them and they are custom made when you order. The upholstery is beautiful and there are lots of fabric choices. I do have two captains chairs that came with the set but we're using those elsewhere as I knew I wanted upholstered end chairs.

I had kept this chandelier from World Market in the back of my mind when it first came on the market because you can't beat the price. I searched high and low for something in the French vein at a decent price, but really couldn't find much for under $600. This one is just gorgeous and won't break the bank! I waited for a sale and I think I paid about $110 for it.

And lest anyone think my house is all frills and decorating all the's a wider shot of the dining room and the usual activity happening around here : ) 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!
{live beautifully}

Paint color: Silver Fox by Benjamin Moore
Table Color: Snowfall White by Benjamin Moore with Stonington Gray wash
Chandelier: World Market
Linen Runner: Williams-Sonoma
Velvet Pumpkins: Love Feast Shop
Parsons Chairs: Home Decorators


  1. Ran over from Instagram. all I can say. Ohhh, and because of you, I have fallen IN LOVE with mercury glass. I love seeing you pull your new home together. I loved your lil apt. I cannot wait to see where you put you "ho ho ho" ceramic balls...loved em.

    ~ Lisa from Indiana ~

  2. I think that big wall would look awesome with a that a word?? CHALKBOARD... just a thought....oh wait.. you didn't ask for an opinion. lol
    seriously, your place is just lovely. Looign forward to whatever you come up with. Would love for you to visit me at Happy Thanksgiving :)

  3. The table is beautiful, and perfect for the space!

  4. Gorgeous! I'm doing my dining room right now too. I love this room..well your whole blog too ;)
    Jamie @

  5. Your tree is breathtaking. Everything looks so elegant. You did a great job.

  6. Anonymous1/09/2014

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  8. There’s no harm in spending your money for your renovation projects. Your home is an investment that you have to maintain wisely, or it will just start to deteriorate without you even knowing it. Anyway, you’ve done a great job in repainting your table, Courtney. Good call on combining the living and dining for a wider space.

    Suzanne Dyck

  9. These dinning room tables are really nice! I am just so used to my apartment that I had last month as I was finishing up college. I had a few 5 gallon buckets stacked on top of each other with boards across the top. It actually worked out pretty well, but it will be nice to have a real table.


  10. Anonymous6/16/2015

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