Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Quick, Easy Update in the Hearth Room

Happy new year! You may remember when I first showed our hearth room that I mentioned wanting to paint the trim on our bar and the bar stool legs. I tackled that little project a few days ago and it only took a couple hours, but made a big difference. Here is the before, with dark trim and black stool legs...

And after...

 It's amazing to me how far a little bit of paint goes. Just that small strip of trim and little bit of gray makes the whole room seem brighter and cleaner. 

I painted the stools in Silver Fox by Benjamin Moore (the same color as our living/dining room) to go with the grays and browns in the wicker.

I also restyled the shelves and changed out the mantel a little, and I feel this is at least a bit closer to how I'd like this room to look. I had been looking for something tall to go on either side of the arched window above the fireplace, and these old shutters fit the bill at just $4 each.  

I've also decided the jute rug is too brown with the limestone fireplace and leather chair, and so I'd love to change it out with a gray trellis rug (something like this) to lighten the feel a little. The jute fits perfectly with my plans for our guest bedroom, so I'll move it in there. But since there are about 10 things that cost $100-500 a piece that I'd still like for the house, the rug may not be happening too soon : )

My paperwhites were slow growers this year, with only one little bloom so far. They still provide a pretty pop of green though!

I think this corner is my favorite. I used entirely what I already had, except for the metal box on the middle shelf, which I picked up during a sale at my favorite antique mall. 

On both sides, I used pops of black to stand out against all the white trim. 

I am much happier with this room now with just these simple changes. But I also probably need to keep in mind that we've only lived here for three months.

We hosted a New Year's Eve party and several people commented at how "done" everything seemed for the short time we've lived here. Sometimes I get impatient and want to have every piece of furniture purchased, every curtain hung and rug in place. But as a friend pointed out, what would you do the rest of the year if it were all done now? As I've always said, the hunt is half the fun, so I need to remember to enjoy hunting for just the right piece or accent or finishing touch. 

It'll all come together in time, right? : )

{live beautifully}


  1. Courtney, your room is beautiful. I have to agree on the miracle of paint. . . Happy New Year and have fun with your new house in 2014.

    Please visit my blog (real simple style) @

  2. I love the change! It really does open up the room. You have done a fantastic job decorating your home. Happy New Year!!

    1. Your room is lovely, Courtney. I love all the texture and the way you have styled the shelves and mantel. Even though it looks great and I can see how your guests could think it is finished. You have a real eye for finishing touches and I totally understand your need to keep tweaking. Happy New Year.

  3. The room looks beautiful! I love the shutters on the fireplace mantel...great touch! Why do rugs have to be so stinkin' expensive! It is very frustrating!

  4. Anonymous1/02/2014

    It is so lovely I can't wait to see what you do with it over time! I've been a quiet follower for some time. I loved your old place and have been enjoying watching as your new space is revamped.

  5. The change is great! I especially love the fireplace mantel decorations:)
    All the best in New Year!


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