Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Most Inspiring Home

Have you ever come across images of a home that was so perfectly inspiring to you that you poured over every image? That's exactly what I've done for the past six months or so with the home I'm sharing today, originally found in BHG's Flea Market Style magazine. From the moment I saw the opening image I knew I loved this house. My copy of the magazine is becoming worn from constantly going back to the article for inspiration. I have been waiting patiently for BHG to post the photos on their website so I could share it with you, and I recently discovered they were finally online {here}.

This image is the one I'm absolutely obsessed with. I feel like it's my ideal style to a tee. It's vintage and neutral but sophisticated and modern all at once. It's perfectly collected and elegant while still being down to earth. Perfection!

I love the mix of woods and silver in the dining room - everything feels very luxurious, but still lived-in.

This photo wasn't in the magazine, so I was happy to see another angle of the home.

Can you even imagine having windows like this?!

The bedroom is simple and airy, a little cottage and a little elegant. Just my style!

I've obsessed over the details in this room. The marble tray, the convex mirrors, the oversized corbels. Love it all.

Love the sinks and the mirrored closet doors in the bath!

Can I have this side table, please?! And all the artwork is amazing. The homeowner finds it at antique shops and tag sales. I have never been so lucky to come across such beautiful artwork or vintage frames.

Oh my goodness, this photo. Layering, patina and vintage done perfectly. 

The kitchen is just incredible. One of my favorite parts is actually cut off in this photo, a collection of small antique framed prints on the right side of the shot. Don't you love all the ironstone and perfect displays?

Do you love this house as much as I do? I take so much inspiration from the details and layers throughout the home. Hope you enjoyed the tour!

{live beautifully}


  1. Obsessed!!! Where can I find BHG Flea Market, it is a specialty magazine that I can find at Barnes and Nobel or somewhere. Thank you so much for posting this!

    1. This was in the 2013 edition and I've had it for at least 6 months, so I doubt it's available at stores now. But you could always contact BHG for a back issue. It's worth it!


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