Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Budget-Friendly Gallery Wall

For Christmas, I asked for several frames I had found at Target in order to create a gallery wall in our living room. I loved the black and silver of these oversized frames and knew they would be the perfect elegant addition to this corner.

All the frames can be found at Target, but my mom and I found the black and silver ones for half the price at TJ Maxx. Love that! One was even on clearance for $7.50, which was even better. If you purchase them from Target, be sure to watch for a coupon in the Cartwheel app. I save so much money with this app! {black and silver, black and silver, small silver, mirrored - in stores}


While I loved the frames, I knew filling them could get expensive. Of course I could always use photos of us, as prints are pretty inexpensive, but I also didn't want to overdo it on the self-portraits.


Since I didn't want to spend much, but did want to keep things neutral and sophisticated, I got creative. I'm sure you've heard all the hype about the Waterlogue app, and it really is as amazing as everyone says. If you haven't heard, it's an app that turns your photos into watercolor paintings in an instant. I absolutely love it!   

I used Waterlogue to turn this church photo into a watercolor print. It is a photo I took from our apartment window last winter during a snowfall. I absolutely loved having this gorgeous church as the view out our window in our apartment (and often documented the view in different light/weather on Instagram). It reminds me of the wonderful first few years of our marriage and the time spent in our first place. I love how the watercolor rendering turned out, and it makes me happy each time I look at it!


I also have a love of vintage botanicals, so I found a beautiful antique pear plate and ran a black and white action on it in photoshop. Vintage botanicals and prints are one of the best ways to get free art, and I've used them lots of ways in both our homes. Kristine from The Painted Hive did a wonderful post on resizing and printing vintage prints as artwork, as well as a great source list for finding images. The pear print is from here - plate 41.


And one of my favorite images from our wedding looks gorgeous in this mirrored frame!

I also ordered this print from Lindsay Letters to fill the top vertical frame, but it hadn't arrived by the time I took these shots. {What's in there now is just the image that came in the frame so don't look too closely!}

I love how the wall ended up turning out! Apart from the frames, I only spent a couple of dollars on printing, plus the art print. All in all, a very affordable statement wall.

It adds so much personality to this corner, finishing off this side of the room.

What's your favorite way to fill frames?

{live beautifully}


  1. I love the idea of changing prints to black and white... I have a small set of $1 Ikea prints that I currently have framed, but where they are now would look even better in B&W. I also love TJ Maxx for frames... They always seem to have a cool selection! And the Cartwheel app is pretty awesome as well! It's saved me quite a bit of money (therefore justifying more purchases sometimes)!

  2. I think this really finishes off the walls in the space - it looks great! I also love your sofa table, I would love to find something similar...
    Brandi @ Nest of Bliss

  3. HI, Courtney! I love everything about this post! Scale is typically my challenge! Wondering if you could tell me the size of your London transit plaques, please! Thank you!!

  4. Did you get the mirrored frame from target too?? What size is it?? I’ve been looking for 16x20 mirrored frames for months to no avail 😩

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