Monday, May 5, 2014

Spring Blooms and a Farmhouse Table

Hello friends! Spring is blossoming everywhere, including our home. Our yard has a long way to go but I did try my hand at gardening for the very first time. We're also enjoying blooms inside, as I was lucky enough to get two white hydrangea plants at Easter, as well as a beautiful bouquet of lilacs from my mom's garden. I took quite a few photos of parts of our home ready for spring, but I especially had fun photographing the gorgeous blooms.


I've never had cut lilacs in the house before, but I'm loving it. I even took a nap on that couch on Sunday afternoon and it was lovely to be surrounded by the scent. 

I'm afraid Matt and his allergies don't have quite the same affection for them, however. I may need to enjoy them at work for the next few days!  : )

I would like to try to plant both the hydrangea plants, but for now I put one in one of my favorite gray wicker baskets. I've had it for a few weeks and the buds are turning from pure white to just the slightest green. It will be interesting to see if it continues to change colors.

I put the other hydrangea into an antique sugar tin. The tin will be for sale in the etsy shop hopefully sometime this week - as soon as I can get the photos edited and uploaded. 

I also wanted to share the completed farmhouse table I showed you a while back. It was a distressed cream and I painted it white and removed the leaves. I would like to distress it just a little but for now I'm enjoying the crisp white.

The table acts as a drop spot when we come in the door, as it's right off the garage.

It's also the perfect little desk area for paying bills and staying organized. 

Hope you all had a beautiful weekend! 
{live beautifully}


  1. Beautiful! I bet they smell heavenly.

  2. never had lilacs inside ... I can only imagine. The little table is darling.

  3. Lovely lovely lovely!!

    I can't wait till my lilacs come around - and the scent is truly heavenly for sure!

  4. Hi Courtney my name is Janel. Did the sugar tin sell in your Etsy shop? I didn't see it...

    1. Hi Janel, I'm sorry but another reader spoke for it and it is currently reserved for her. My apologies!


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