Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Traditional with a Twist: Local House Tour

Today I have such a pretty house tour to share with you! I met Linda through my sale in September. She purchased a few things from me afterwards, and I got to peek at her home when I went to drop them off. I couldn't believe what a gorgeous house she had! A few months later I asked if I could photograph her home for the blog, because I knew you all would love to see it!

Linda's home is very traditional but with fun, artistic touches. Linda is so creative, and I loved seeing everything she could come up with! The home was built in the 70s, but was custom-built by a woman with great taste who used salvaged marble, wide moldings, deep windows, ceiling beams and hardwoods for a very classic feel.

Linda's table was set for Thanksgiving. I loved her centerpiece of simple grapevine, hedge apples and dollar store black birds. Perfect!

Linda is the creative force behind Lizzie Kate, a cross-stitch design company she and her husband run out of their home. She just has that creative knack, not to mention business sense and an entrepreneurial spirit. I so enjoyed learning more about everything she has accomplished!

Her family room is so cozy! I love her buttery leather couch and the pine coffee table. It was a good reminder to buy classic pieces that will last. Everything I pointed out that I loved she would say, "oh I bought that years ago!"

I adored her coffee table. She said she brought it back from Arizona several years ago. She found it while on a missions trip, and it traveled back to Kansas in the back of the church bus. Sounds exactly like something I would do! : )

Her shelves are darling, filled with the perfect mix of classic and interesting elements.

I love the way she covered books with brown paper. So fun!

This reproduction pine table in her kitchen was another favorite of mine. Don't you love the chartreuse on the walls?

Linda has quite a collection of tole trays throughout the house. They make such a statement all together. I love these petite versions hung on a small wall space in the kitchen.

Linda did the chalk design freehand. Can you believe it?

I loved her thankful tree, ready for the holidays ahead.

More tole trays in the beautiful foyer.

If you love this house...good news! They are building so it's up for sale! I would move in tomorrow if I could : )

Isn't Linda so pretty? She's one of those classy, fashionable gals you just want to be friends with. Thank you so much, Linda, for letting me tour your home! I loved every second!



  1. Oh my gosh, I absolutely love it!! The colors, the accessories, the feeling....all of it!! Thank you to both of you for sharing this beautiful house.

  2. Such a beautiful home! Very warm and inviting! I love the table in the breakfast room!

  3. I love how the family look so cozy. I am gonna send this post to my friend. She is currently looking for some home design that she can use once she transfer to her new rivergate apartments robertson quay singapore Great job Courtney!

  4. Hi Courtney, seriously it's beyond my capacity using proper words to credit your awesome post. Well, I love to leave my warm thanks to Linda for letting you reveal her super beautiful and elegant house and oh, of course huge thanks and love to you for sharing that with us. I was eager to read through some help regarding to building permit Brampton. But your post was able to change my browsing. Just in a moment I discovered me into your lovely zone. This was really mind-blowing read and experience to me. I was totally amazed with Linda's traditional, artistic and elegant decoration of her house. The family room, salvaged marble, wide moldings, deep windows, ceiling beams, hardwoods, buttery leather couch, tole trays, chalk design freehand, thankful tree- oho what not. I love those all tremendously.


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