Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Around the Browning Abode

Hi friends! Are you surviving the post-holiday grind? I have to admit coming back into the real world has been a little rough this year, but it helped that both Downton Abbey and Fixer Upper premiered this week : ) Are you guys watching??

I spent a lot of Christmas break taking down Christmas, cleaning, purging and rearranging. I played musical decor with quite a few things, most of which was spurred on by redoing the shelves in the living room. I'm contributing to the Midwest Living Blog, and this month's topic is how to style your shelves. I had so much fun taking everything off our giant built-ins and starting from scratch. I pulled accessories from nearly every room of the house, and in the end I was thrilled with how it turned out! I can't show full photos yet, but above and below are some sneak peeks. I'll let you know when the whole thing is available over on Midwest Living.

That caused quite the shuffle in the other rooms though, as my usual vignettes had been pulled apart. I had already planned to redo the accessories in the hearth room in the new year, and had purchased several new accessories just for that room.

I feel like this room is always the "step sister" to our living/dining. I end up putting the things I really love in the living room, but the poor hearth room suffers. But in the end, all the new items went to the built in styling, and the amazing sign I bought for the mantel was an inch too tall (woops!). So I just filled up the shelves with things already on hand. It's still fresh and crisp for the new year.

Above is the beautiful Romans 12 sign which I had purchased for the mantel. It looks gorgeous in our kitchen! It's by House of Belonging and Aedriel, two very talented ladies.

The Christmas decor is down, but my paperwhites are still going strong and I'm loving the pop of green in the cold winter days. And you can also see our brand new stainless steel dishwasher...that was an unexpected but necessary purchase a few weeks ago : )

To balance out the sign in the kitchen, I added a new calendar from Rifle Paper Co and other fun accessories. Can you have enough gold in one room?

My favorite vintage street sign got kicked out of the kitchen, so into the hearth room shelves it went!

I kept these shelves super simple, just using decor I had around the house. Again, I'm loving a pop of green right now.

I ordered this fun zinc tray table from Magnolia Market (Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper's store) a few weeks ago and love it tucked into this corner.

The living room stayed mostly the same, but I had to snap some photos with beautiful light after a snowfall coming in.


I found the ikat table runner at TJ Maxx the day after Christmas. And don't you love the gold striped candles?

Well there's what's happening at the Browning abode! New projects, new dishwasher, and lots of shuffling. What are you all up to in these first few weeks of 2015?



  1. i just LOVE your home! love following you on IG and have finally made my way here as well. happy day to you! P.S. I'm the one who designed those wreath pillows on your couch! ;)

  2. Your home is beautiful! I just painted my kitchen Paladian Blue, but your kitchen is making me want to whip out the paint brush and rollers again. It is beautiful! What color gray is that?

    1. Nevermind, I just found the color on your source page. That was one of my guesses.

      It is beautiful!

  3. Your home is lovely as always, Courtney.

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  6. I love love love your home. It is gorgeous! I am wondering, where did you find your coffee table? I need!


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