Friday, January 2, 2015

HGTV Dream Home 2015

Have you guys seen this year's HGTV Dream Home on Martha's Vinyard? It's stunning! Probably one of my favorites ever! Lots of molding, architectural detail, classic furnishings, crisp lines, and of course - white! Let's take a little peek...

It's a classic Cape Cod style with gorgeous exterior architecture.

The great room is jaw dropping. I love the crisp white paneling against the salvaged beams.


The way they did the dormer windows in the vaulted ceiling is one of my favorite features.

And I'm a little in love with that light fixture : )

A wall of french doors opens right from the living area to the patio.

I have to say the kitchen seems a bit plain or uninspiring compared to everything else, but it's still classic and pretty.

 The curved ceiling in the master bath is to die for.

I LOVE the light fixtures above the vanity, especially pared with the antiqued mirrors.

Wouldn't you love to live in this home? I absolutely would! Although, I did a bit of research about what winning a Dream Home actually means, and usually it's more of a cash/car prize than anything (which I would still take haha)! The taxes/insurance/upkeep/other costs are so exorbitant when you win one of these homes that some winners take a cash prize rather than the home, and most take the home but immediately turn around and sell it. But let's just focus on the "dream" part of the Dream Home, shall we? Because it's simply incredible!



  1. WOW. That is an amazing home. How does one actually sign up to win? : - )

    Gotta play to win, eh?

    Happy New Year!!

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