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  1. Ah, peach. It has returned from the 80s, eh? It will always remind me of my mother. And I swear I owned a pair of peach denim. They were Guess jeans, in a size 5, haha, oh how I miss those days. ♥

    I love that throw – it looks so perfect in your room.

    Welcome back from your break. So how are you? How's your family? Glad to see you're back. : – )

    1. haha that's awesome! Yes, I remember my mom having lots of 80s peach and dusty blue growing up. Apparently it is back : )
      We are doing really well! I have to say I did not love being pregnant and it wasn't a very easy 9 momths (hence the big break), but our baby is beautiful and perfect and surprisingly easy. We couldn't ask for more! Thanks for asking and for sticking around! : )

  2. Yelp, I'm still reading and was missing you so much I visited the archives. I follow you on instagram too. I am soooo happy to see you back.

    ~ Lisa from Indiana ~

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