Friday, June 10, 2016

Look for Less: Gold Lantern Pendant

Don't you hate it when you're on Pinterest swooning over a rug/table/appliance/lamp/light fixture, and you look up the product and it's crazy expensive? I feel like this happens to me all. the. time. Champagne taste on a beer budget I guess! Sometimes though I get lucky and stumble on a lookalike product that's just as great but much more affordable than the real thing.

Which brings us to the Darlana Lantern. I love the look of this modern-meets-classic pendant in gorgeous gold. It's everywhere, of course, but at $630 it's also pretty pricey.

When I stumbled on this lookalike on Amazon for a quarter of the price, I was so excited! It's by Millennium Lighting and is even the same dimensions as the Darlana. Perfect! I have some fun ideas for where this might work in our house, so stay tuned.

image 1 - Marcus Design Inc | image 2 - Design Indulgence | image 3 - Paper and Pencil Co. via DecorPad


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