Monday, August 29, 2016

The Modern Mix

So this isn't something I shared very publicly, but a month or two ago we almost bought a new house. My husband got a new job and this led to thoughts of moving a bit closer to his work. Well, it turns out we found a gorgeous house only about a mile from where we live (so not really closer to his job haha!) but it was a beautifully done flip so fully renovated and upgraded. It was simply stunning - truly the home of my dreams - and in one of my favorite neighborhoods we never thought we could afford. Long story short, the timing of everything just wasn't right, and we've decided to stay put until next spring or summer. 

The house we were looking to buy was so classic and timeless - hardwoods, crown molding, traditional white kitchen, marble tile in the baths, etc. It's a look I never tire of. Of course my wheels were turning on how we were going to decorate our "new house." I love traditional bones and am leaning more and more toward modern furnishings these days. Not mid-century necessarily, just clean lines and fresh motifs. There are a few designers that really embody the look I love. My very favorite is Studio McGee and I seriously spend hours poring over their portfolio, Instagram and Pinterest. Everything they touch turns to instant gold! I'm also loving Kate Marker Interiors and Julie Couch Interiors (especially her work on the show Nashville Flipped, though sadly there aren't really any pictures of that online. The show is so fun, though!). I shared my top 16 favorite Instagram accounts to follow a while ago and I'm definitely drawing lots of inspiration there!

Here are some of the images that are inspiring me lately. 

I discovered this image on Pinterest a while ago and it was my main source of inspiration that perfectly embodied the look I'm currently loving. Classic meets clean lines and unique details. I had to laugh when I later discovered this room is, of course, by Studio McGee. In fact, it's from the McGee's own home! Yep...definitely loving Shea's style right now! They have a really helpful blog and graphic on how to mix traditional and modern style.


Love the gold frames with large mats and abstract prints. I've been slowly curating a mini abstract art collection (I'll share some fun sources soon too). 

The two images above are by the incredibly talented Sarah Bartholomew. I love the traditional pieces mixed with bold fabric and on-trend gold accessories. 

This vignette is by Kate Marker and I love the simplicity yet visual impact it has.

This one is by Julie Couch - lots of white, a few key pops of color, classic yet modern all at once, and completely sophisticated. 

Love this bedside mix with the large-scale mats and convex mirrors.


I've been trying to channel my inner Studio McGee while restyling our large built-ins in the living room. Their shelf styling is always so on-point!


I just loved the mix of accessories here. So pretty!

If you follow on Instagram, you've seen a few peeks of our refreshed living room. Hopefully I'll be able to show you the whole thing soon, but these are just a few of the images that inspired the transformation in the first place. What styles are you loving right now?


  1. I love your home! Are you getting away from the vintage style and architectural salvage? Although I love the images you shared and love mixing a bit of modern with vintage, I'm going to miss your other look. I used to be more modern, then went with traditional and now I love a mix of vintage and industrial glam. I've filled my walls with architectural salvage but now feel the need to pare down a bit. It's frustrating when my tastes and styles continually change, not to mention it gets costly.

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