Friday, May 19, 2017

Plans for the New House {Master Bedroom}

There is so much I want to do in our new house! The great thing is it doesn't need any work at all. We could move in, set our furniture down and be done. But you know I have more planned than that! While I don't want to do anything major like renovating or even painting, I do have plans to change most light fixtures and then really make it come alive with furnishings and accessories (my favorite part anyway!). The master bedroom is first on the list mostly because we want to upgrade to a king bed and finally graduate to dressers I did not own when I was 4 haha. Here is the very lovely blank slate we're working with. I love the large window, vaulted ceiling and textured carpet (I can't believe I'm saying I love a carpet, but this one I actually do!).

I want this room to feel very sophisticated and relaxing, like a luxury hotel or spa. I've been really inspired by Monika Hibbs' master bedroom. Isn't her custom headboard gorgeous?!

And here are my plans for the space. The white tufted wingback headboard will be the star of the show, piled high with sumptuous linens and flanked by gold and white night stands.


I would also love to infuse some interest and personality into the room with curtains trimmed with this gorgeous Samuel and Sons trim tape. It's those kind of details that make a room feel custom. I'm not sure I can handle the price tag though haha. I'm hoping I can locate it for a good price or find something similar.

While we're on the subject of bedrooms, does anyone have an opinion on mattresses? I've been looking into the ones you order online that come in a box and expand in your house, but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to buy without trying them out. Does anyone have a favorite brand - either traditional or online?

I am having so much fun making plans for our new house! If all goes according to plan we will move in at the beginning of July. Of course it will take some time to get settled and we may have to save up for some of the bigger purchases we're wanting to make, but I'm sure I'll have lots to show you over the next several months! Can't wait!


  1. Courtney, how exciting!! I love your inspiration picture. Those curtains with trim are definitely catching my eye too. I wanted to tell you, we are building a house right now. I put that beaded chandelier in my laundry room. It's beautiful but hardly any light comes from it. I'm on a problem solving mission now to see if different bulbs help. It's so pretty I really want to keep it.

    I'll be watching your journey. :)

    1. Oh hmmm that's good to know! A gal I follow on Instagram had it in her living room so I was inspired but that's too bad it's not very bright. Thanks for letting me know!

  2. Love it! We bought a mattress from the original mattress factory over 10 years ago and it still feels great, some of our frinds had researched it and found omf. Was the result. Also, I put a mattress topper of that foamy stuff which made it very comfy, I still love it and would do it again.

  3. I got my King mattress online from Brooklyn Bedding and we love it! The price was amazing too! - Kelly from The Greenspring Home

  4. A white fabric headboard seems so impractical... but it's lovely! I recently bought a mattress-in-a-box, and it's the best "firm" mattress we've ever had (memory foam and latex was clearly the way to go)! I'd recommend the company, but as I live in New Zealand I doubt that would be helpful, haha.

  5. Hi Courtney! The most comfortable bed I ever slept in I'm only able to sleep on once a year, when we make our road-trip from Colorado to New York State each spring. Drury Inns and Suites in Des Moines Iowa has beds made by the Justice bed company, somewhere in the mid-west, I think. I always want to take the bed with me when I leave. Some day I hope to buy one. Good luck!

  6. We bought a tuft and needle mattress in king size. We had a queen temperpedic and upgraded to a king. We can't say enough good things about this mattress! We sleep like a baby and I don't get hot! That was a huge problem with our old mattress. It's also one of the cheapest beds you can buy. They give you 100 days to try it out and if you don't love it they refund your money! That makes it a no brained!

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