Thursday, October 19, 2017

One Room Challenge 2017 | Week 3 | Modern-Traditional Powder Room

Well...I am probably not the world's greatest One Room Challenge participant haha. I haven't really made any progress to show you in the actual room BUT I did make some purchases and my mom is coming over this weekend to help me wallpaper, so there should be some action by next week!

WEEK 1  |  WEEK 2

I ultimately decided the art I had purchased was too blue and just not quite right. After looking at some inspiration photos (like the one above), I decided I wanted two smaller pieces of art stacked on top of each other to avoid another big rectangle right next to the rectangular mirror. I am in LOVE with the art I chose - both pieces from Minted by the talented artist Angela Simeone. I love the subtle blush in the abstract. I think it'll tie really nicely with the rug.
I got one in an 11x14 and one in an 8x10 and plan to put them in these simple white gallery frames.
I also ordered the mirror I originally had in my mood board (it's back in stock!). The selection of mirrors at my Home Goods lately has been abysmal, and everything else I found online was essentially the same price so I decided to just go for it!

I also ordered a couple accessories for the open shelving, including this great textured planter (I got the gray but am coveting the white also!) and this macrame tray. I made a few accessory scores at TJ Maxx too, so it's coming together.

Hopefully I'll have something much more exciting to show you guys next week! Stay tuned!


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  1. I love the planter!

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