Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Best of the One Room Challenge

There were so many beautiful room make overs in this round of the One Room Challenge! Here are a few of my favorites

This stunning kitchen from The Leslie Style (who basically renovates a whole house every 6 months and kills it every time!). You have to see her pink sink!

I found Erin Kestenbaum on Instagram and love her work. Her bathroom makeover did not disappoint!

Vanessa Frances is probably one of my favorite designers and this basement she designed for she and her daughter is nothing short of perfection

Room for Tuesday does some incredible work and this bathroom makeover (apparently a lot of us chose a bathroom!) is just beautiful - understated and elegant

And last but not least Coco and Jack (an official participant) redid their living room and the results are stunning. Another of my personal favorite designers!


  1. It's always fun to see which rooms people like, Great roundup and thanks for sharing.

  2. It's so humbling to be in this company! Thanks so much for sharing! - Laura Irion, Laura Design Co.


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