Monday, November 6, 2017

Minnie Mouse Tea Party Second Birthday

Our girl is officially two! Her second birthday was nothing short of a light-filled blush and peach dream. She and her friends had the BEST time having a tea party, playing games and playing with all her new toys. I seriously never knew a toddler birthday party could be so fun!

The theme was a Minnie Mouse tea party, since those are her two favorite things. I used three large embroidery hoops and attached eucalyptus and flowers with floral wire to create the Minnie Mouse wall hanging. I really wanted this to be a soft, sweet Minnie theme, rather than your typical bright colors (I'm sure we have plenty of that in our future haha). This carried the theme through in such an elegant way.

My mother-in-law made all the treats again - she's so talented and I'm so grateful for her providing all the goodies! These Minnie cookies with little fondant bows were darling! 

How cute are these Minnie cupcakes? I found the little paper tea cup holders on Etsy and they were the perfect tea party touch.

It was so easy to add some flowers in tea pots to carry the theme through.

I set up some kids play tables and chairs for a little tea party table. All the kids were 4 and under so we kept things really simple with these paper tea cups, which they decorated with stickers and then sipped sparkling pink lemonade.

I'm so glad I snapped these photos before everyone got there because then it was total chaos haha.

I dressed up our dining room wall with two sets of paper fans (these and these) and layered Minnie Mouse and bow die cuts over the top. 

I used these tissue paper flowers from her last birthday and a gold foil 2 balloon to make the fireplace feel a little more festive.

These invitations are so beautiful and exactly the look I was going for with this party!

She loved sampling the treats!

All of the gold partyware really helped dress things up and help a toddler party feel a little more sophisticated.

The peach marble cake was so lovely, and I topped it with a gold glitter two and one of Lexie's felt flower headbands.

I made a little ring toss game with empty glass bottles and small embroidery hoops wrapped in fabric. The kids LOVED it! We also played pin the bow on Minnie, and I simply made that out of poster board and hung it on our glass door. 

Of course in typical two-year-old fashion Lexie was not into having her photo taken, so I didn't get a posed picture really, but these candids are just as sweet and really capture her spunky personality.

One of my favorite moments from the party was when she opened a Veggie Tales book. She LOVES Veggie Tales and especially the episode about thankfulness. The book sings the song she knows about saying thanks every day, and in the midst of all her presents we could hardly get her to pay attention to her toys because she just wanted to look at that book and sing about giving thanks for what you have. It was so sweet and such a good reminder that a pretty party and lots of presents are nice, but not what's really important. Leave it to a two-year-old for that wisdom!

While the adults munched Jimmy Johns, the kids ate sandwiches I cut out in the shape of bows.

She asks every day to wear a tutu (I don't complain) so this is actually the tutu she wore at her first birthday party as well! It's the perfect peach/blush and an all-time favorite!

It was such a fun day and we had so much fun celebrating our girl! I think she thoroughly loved every single minute and I can't wait to do it again next year!

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Scalloped Table Cloth - Target (in stores only)
Gold Cutlery - Target (in stores only)
Bow Balloons - Etsy but I can no longer find anywhere online for some reason

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  1. I am obsessed with all of your decor! Your party turned out soo beautifully and definitely Pinterest perfect! Where do you get all of your fresh Eucalyptus? Does your Trader Joes have it? I am always looking for reasonably priced fresh greenery! - Kelly Marohl

    1. Aww thank you Kelly! We don't have a Trader Joe's here so I just order the eucalyptus through our grocery store florist. It's not cheap tho - usually $20/bunch unfortunately! I am jealous of those with a Trader Joe's!

  2. Where did you get those wooden ring with the eucalyptus and roses on them? I love them and would like to make them for my sister's baby shower!

  3. love the set up! how did you make the mickey symbol with eucalyptus and roses?

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  7. This is so sweet!
    you set that up by yourself?

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