Thursday, November 2, 2017

One Room Challenge 2017 | Week 5 | Modern-Traditional Powder Room

The wallpaper is (halfway) up and I'm in love! My mom and I have been working our tails off to get this paper up and even though we've had quite a bit of trouble and are very, very slow at it, it's looking so good! I can't wait to see the whole thing complete.

I'm really happy that the wallpaper background is an off-white, the same as my trim. And the gray leans a bit warm which really ties in our floors and the dark gray/brown quartz counters.

I also got in the art I ordered and LOVE it. This print and this print are from Minted, and it's the perfect abstract mix.

The mirror also arrived but in the hubbub of throwing our daughter's second birthday party last weekend I haven't even unboxed it yet. The vintage oushak rug I ordered also came and I was so sad that it was very different than the photo, which appeared blush/cream/gray. It was really various shades of tan/brown, and even though it was a really cool rug, it just wouldn't fit in the space. I sold it on a local Facebook group and have ordered another one. Fingers crossed this one is true to the photo!

I have not gotten the shelving unit yet - definitely need to get on that! I think once the wallpaper is finished and the light is hung it'll be pretty well finished! I am thankful we have an extra week though : )


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  1. I absolutely LOVE this wallpaper - it looks incredible. Can't wait for the final reveal!


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