Saturday, November 24, 2018

2018 Christmas Gift Guide: Little Girl

You guys know I had fun putting this one together! These are all either things Lexie owns or things that have been on her/my wish list for a while. There are quite a few bigger ticket items on here (though certainly not all) because I really like to gift one very special item each year. Christmas is the one time a year we splurge a little, so I listed some favorites to hopefully inspire you as you make your girl's Christmas extra magical.

For the little chef - I love how grown up it looks!

The sweetest little stocking stuffer

Your little would love to sell baguettes and macarons in this darling play cafe, oui? 

We got Lexie a guitar for her birthday and at the last minute I cheaped out and bought an inexpensive one. I really wish I would have stuck with my plan to buy a Loog guitar. It plays like a real guitar and comes with music and an app to help little ones start learning chords. 

This is my very favorite play food set - so charming!

This is the play kitchen we have and love! It seems to be sold out everywhere in gray right now, but it restocks frequently and the white is currently available. 

Magna tiles seem to be a favorite with kids of all ages, and I love the natural look of these wood ones

Lexie's all-time most played with toy is her tea set. This one is so beautiful, and also won't break if you have a baby/toddler around.

I gasped when I saw this gorgeous castle doll house for the first time. SO special! Love the little royal family too.

If your daughter is in to all things ballet, she'll love this little set with a bar and mirror for her tutu'd friend to practice on.

The sweetest bike ever! I'm hoping to get Lexie one this spring. How special would it be under the tree?

Our girl is obsessed with music and singing, and I'm so excited for her to open this microphone on Christmas morning! How fun that you can play songs wirelessly for her to sing to!

The prettiest print from one of my favorite artists, Lulie Wallace

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