Thursday, November 8, 2018

The 2018 Christmas Shop: Holiday Decor Guide

If this little blog can be anything, I want it to be a place of inspiration and a resource to create a beautiful home you love. And of course the holidays are when our homes shine the brightest. They're filled with special touches, objects connected to our memories, warmth, light and laughter like no other time of the year. I also know getting ready for the holidays can be a tad bit overwhelming (believe me, I feel it myself!). So my hope is that putting together a guide of my favorite Christmas decor might help you feel a little less overwhelmed as you navigate all the shopping, baking, decorating and planning that goes into creating Christmas. This is a curated collection of beautiful pieces I already have or would put in my own home. I hope it serves as a resource as you turn your house into a place of wonder for your family this year.

PS - if you're reading this in an email or a blog reader like Bloglovin' you'll need to pop over to the blog to see the Christmas shop >>

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