Friday, July 12, 2019

Designer Home Looks for Less

Hey friends! It's been a while since I posted an actual blog post. Does anyone still read these things? It's safe to say the world seems to have migrated over to Instagram, and I'm no exception. If you're not following along over there, please do! So what could be worth a blog post? Well, I keep coming across gorgeous decor pieces that remind me so much of designer furnishings. I think design is becoming more and more accessible, with high style offerings at every price point. And you guys know I love a bargain! Here's what I've come across lately...

Can you believe the price differences?! I totaled it up just for fun, and if you bought everything in the designer column it would cost you $3,379. If you bought the look for less version, the total would be $1,250! That's less than HALF the higher priced total! My mantra has always been that you can have a beautiful home on a budget, and this really proves it! 

What's your favorite piece? We bought the planters for our front porch, I'm eyeing the chandelier for our landing, and planning to order the gold laurel wreath for shelf styling. I'm also tucking those wicker sconces away for when it's time to plan a big boy room. Really, I love it all!



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