Monday, August 12, 2019

California Spa Inspired Bedroom Refresh (Three Tips for Making Your Bedroom Feel Like a Spa)

If there's one mantra I've always believed, it's that you can have a beautiful home on a budget. Sometimes I think it feels like a Pinterest-worthy home is out of reach, but that's just not true. Through all my years of blogging, I've really tried to show that you can achieve a gorgeous home without breaking the bank. 

One place I've really enjoyed shopping for affordable home finds lately is They have seriously stylish finds that fit a real-life budget. That's why I'm thrilled to be partnering with them on this post. As always all opinions are my own.

From the beginning, our master bedroom has been our peaceful oasis. I love that the base is all whites and neutrals, so I can easily switch out accessories to change the feel of the room. I recently went on a girls weekend trip to a gorgeous hotel and spa, and was so inspired to get that feeling at home. And I was thrilled to be able to find everything I needed from Walmart. You can even shop by style to make things easier.

This cozy blanket was perfect to add some texture to our all-white bedding. I paired it with these gorgeous white feather-filled pillows (only $12 each!) and this elegant blue velvet tassel pillow to bring in some spa blues.

I was recently thinking back to our trip to Laguna Beach a few years ago, and wanted to capture that feeling as well - sort of California Coastal Spa vibe. So I added this gorgeous olive topiary to bring in that west coast feeling. It's one of my new favorite pieces in our home!

I also added in more spa blues and some coastal texture with this blue dip vase and this white wash wood frame.

Since our room is mostly white, it looks best when it's layered with lots of textures. I was so happy to find this cream textured runner to unite the space between the bed and dresser. The metal garden stool really brings it all together and is my favorite place to set my morning coffee while I get dressed. And did I mention that geometric pillow is under $10?!

If you want that spa feeling at home, here are my top three tips for creating a relaxing space

Three Tips for a Spa-Inspired Bedroom

1. Rely on breezy whites and neutrals to lighten the space and make it feel fresh. Start with white bedding and layer from there.

2. Add a delicious smelling candle to keep you relaxed (eucalyptus, mint, rosemary and cucumber are a few scents that always remind me of the spa). I have one right on my nightstand corralled on a marble tray.

3. Add in spa-inspired colors and textures, like blues, aquas and weathered wood, as well as natural greenery like olive and eucalyptus.

I think this room will keep me reliving girls weekend at the spa for quite some time!


Thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post. Partners like them allow me to continue sharing with you all. All opinions are my own


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