Saturday, November 9, 2019

A Fairy Butterfly Fourth Birthday Party

I think Lexie spent months thinking about the theme for her birthday party! She came up with just about everything under the sun - bunnies, Frozen, ballet, Lightning McQueen. Truly the things that go through four-year-olds minds are pretty great and hilarious. We thought the winner was going to be Peter Pan (the movie she watches most) but she ended up choosing the theme of Fairy Butterfly after I showed her some inspiration photos from different themes. She's probably most "into" fairies right now so it was fitting. She also begged for another all-pink party, but after three in a row of those I was craving something at least slightly different...I took a big step and took the palette a bit more purple this year : D. 

The party was so beautiful, but a bit simpler decor-wise than years past (if you can believe that). It felt very special and ethereal, but I did scale back a bit this year. Everyone's favorite part was of course the butterflies hanging from the ceiling. These were pretty easy to do (if a bit time-consuming) - just faux butterflies tied onto fishing line. I just taped each string to the ceiling.


Since we wanted to keep the party a little simpler we only invited four close friends, which allowed me to make each girl a fairy dress. I made them by tying long strips of tulle around elastic. Each friend also got a floral crown and fairy wings to complete the outfit.

My mother-in-law again made the beautiful baked goods - mushroom and butterfly cookies, mushroom-shaped cupcakes and a two-tier naked cake. She's incredible!

The butterflies on the cake are actually edible! They are the prettiest colors and went perfectly with the party - dusty purple, mauve and peachy-pink.

For the paper goods I used these beautiful amethyst watercolor plates and cups from Harlow & Grey, layered with these darling flower plates.

The centerpiece going down the table was a mix of different kinds of moss layered with mushroom figurines, ferns, fresh flowers and wood slice cake plates.

I made her invitations myself, but loved these if you're looking for something similar.

Of course Lexie was the queen fairy, in her special party dress. She had a blast!

For activities, first the girls painted paper mache wands. We had little trays filled with paints so they could pick the colors they liked, stick on jewels and ribbons to tie on. I've found simple crafts like this are always such a hit!

All the little fairies gathered around the presents were so precious!

Blowing out FOUR candles!

Last but not least they all got to make their own fairy gardens. I ordered a set of fairy garden supplies very inexpensively and got the fairy houses at Hobby Lobby. They got to take their outfits and crafts home as the party favors. We definitely wouldn't have gotten to do this many special things if we had had a bigger party, so inviting four friends just felt right for a small, sweet party. It was a magical day!



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