Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Affordable Holiday Home Finds

I'm still in the process of decking my halls, but wanted to share some fun finds with you! Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post (as always all opinions are my own). Every year when I'm getting ready to pull out the Christmas decor I love to put together a few inspiration boards for how I'd like things to come together. I also love to add a few new pieces each year so everything looks collected over time. Here are some things I found and loved for this year at Walmart.

1 - flocked wreath (So affordable! Their whole Holiday Time line is really good.) | 2 - ceramic houses (love how clean and modern these are) | 3 - rosemary tree (rosemary is a favorite at Christmas, but I always kill live ones) | 4 - gold lantern | 5 - black plaid throw | 6 - faux fur pillows (really love these!) | 7- arched mirror (SO good!) | 8 - faux tree | 9 - fair aisle trees (favorite find) | 10 - felt wreath (adore this look) | 11 - gold candle holders | 12 - flocked Christmas tree | 13 - hanging bells | 14 - fabric tree set | 15 - knit pillow | 16 - plaid rug (so cute inside or layered on a porch) | 17 - black lantern 

I like to keep my decor mostly neutral at Christmas, because then it transitions more easily in the winter months. Probably my favorite find is this pair of modern cone trees in fair aisle fabric. So charming and I love the pattern! I put together an inspiration board for an entryway using them - hoping to recreate it in our own entry!

This console table reminds me a lot of the one in our living room, and I'd style it with that great arched mirror, a big gold lamp and a few more festive accents. I vase or bowl full of round ornaments is one of my favorite easy, quick ways to dress things up for the holidays. And the hanging bells work just about anywhere. I love that all of this can be found affordably at Walmart, and that they offer free 2-day shipping on orders over $35. It makes pulling everything together for the season so simple!


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