Thursday, November 28, 2019

Christmas Gift Guide 2019: Little Girls

One of my favorite guides to put together each year is the one for little girls! Since I have my own little girl, it's fun to include some things she loves, some things she wants, and a few things I dream of getting her. I hope it helps you give the little lady in your life just what she'll love!

1 - Bun Bun Book - This is Lexie's current favorite book and it's by my favorite baby/kids brand, Bunnies by the Bay. Everything they make is perfectly charming and keepsake-worthy. This darling book has the most gorgeous illustrations and the sweetest story about a girl whose beloved bunny goes missing. Really you can't go wrong with anything from Bunnies by the Bay!
2 - Ollie Ella Suitcase - The most darling pint-sized suitcase great for travel or play. We're gifting Lexie this pink one and Evan the mint one to go with their big gift this year - a trip to Disney World. They'll be traveling in style!
3 - Baby Doll Stroller - This is one of our most-played with toys at multiple ages and stages. And when friends come over they love it too. I love that it's neutral so I don't mind having it out on our main floor.
4 - Bow Scrunchie Set - These are so pretty! Lexie has some similar ones and any time she wears them it immediately makes any outfit look special and sweet. So easy just to slip them on a busy toddler or little girl so you don't have to mess with a clip in bow.
5 - Kids Camera - Lexie received this one for her birthday and it's been a hit! I love that she can be creative and express herself and she just thinks it's fun to snap her very own photos.
6 - Frozen 2 Costume - Have you seen Frozen 2 yet? We LOVED it! There's tons of merch out there, but this dress up dress is a great price and a fun way to keep the movie magic going.
7 - Paris Paper Dolls - I've been wanting to get Lexie a set of paper dolls for a while now. I have fond memories of playing with them as a kid, and we really love low-tech toys like this that help her use her imagination. The illustrations on this set are so cute!
8 - Pastel Dot Markers - I've heard such great things about these fun markers! Craft supplies are always a hit around here.
9 - Ballerina Mouse - A charming friend in a pretty tutu.
10 - Music Box - Little girls love a place to stash their treasures, and a sweet music box is such a special gift.
11 - Pink Hunter Boots - Our favorites! Currently on sale!
12 - Play Coffee Maker - She loves to make coffee just like mommy does every morning. Another toy we've played with at many stages (Evan loves it too).
13 - Play Tent - This sweet tent is only $18! I think kids of just about any age think crawling in and out of a tent and playing fort is completely magical.
14 - Tea Party Game - Lexie got this for her birthday and it has been both she and my favorite toy over the last few months. It's such a sweet game that's fun for both of us to play.

PS - for more ideas you can check out last year's little girl gift guide as well!


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