Friday, April 3, 2020

Studio McGee for Target: What I'm Buying/Loving

Some of the best news in a while (and we could all use some good news right now, huh?) was announced last week...Studio McGee is launching a collaboration with Target's Threshold line! I shared on Instagram stories that I initially had some trepidation...did this mean Studio McGee's incredible collected modern look would become ubiquitous, like farmhouse style? Or was it simply a win for all of us who love good design but have a more realistic budget. While my individualistic side (hello, enneagram 4 wing!) still balks a little at the thought that we may *all* have that framed landscape painting, I think I've decided it's a great win and a wonderful thing for all of us design lovers. After all, Target and Studio McGee are two of everyone's favorite things, so bringing them together has to be pretty great, right?!

I wanted to share what I'll be buying or would buy if I had room for it all. Shea of course knocked it out of the park and everything is so, so beautiful! There are also some specific things I've loved the look of for a while but haven't been able to find at a more reasonable price point (looking at you, frame with weighted mat and striped cubes), so bravo to the team on that! The line is available to view now on Target's website, but is not available for purchase online until tomorrow (Saturday, April 4). I've got my favorites saved and ready to add to my cart!

One | rattan side table | this is such a great piece and really well-made (I've seen in-store photos)

Two | plaid lumbar pillow | all the pillows look like they mix and match so effortlessly!

Three | square basket | this reminds me a lot of the one we have under our console table, and is great for that or so many uses

Four | cream planter | the outdoor pieces are so beautiful and a really great price point

Five | faux fern | good faux plants can be hard to come by but these look especially nice

Six | terracotta candle | I love the shape and texture of this piece - perfect for styling on a coffee table, shelf or island

Seven | framed landscape | I think this will be one of the most popular pieces. Such an incredible price and a spot-on designer dupe

Eight | wood beads | these are such a staple in designs right now, but surprisingly hard to find. Excited for this option!

Nine | oversized landscape canvas | such a gorgeous piece - the perfect abstract landscape

Ten | gray striped cube | I'm definitely buying a pair of these for the end of our bed - having the worst time deciding between the gray or black striped!

Eleven | floor lamp | the scale and shape of this are so, so good!

Twelve | botanical print | another classic piece that goes in any room

Thirteen | wood console | the curved details here are spot on

Fourteen | decorative knot | another piece I love the look of but that's been hard to come by at a good price til now

Fifteen | faux olive tree | I love the shape, the tone of the leaves, the white pot - everything!

Sixteen | woven bin | the tone and texture of this is so pretty - great for shelf styling or streamlining your storage

Seventeen | frame with weighted mat | weighted mats are the secret to making framing look designer, but they're usually custom. So nice to see this available!

Eighteen | roll arm chair | the most classic, elegant side chair I ever did see!

Nineteen | block print pillow | love the floral detailing in this one

Twenty | vintage-inspired rug | another look that's such a designer staple, now made more accessible - exactly what this line's all about!

Twenty-one | burl wood boxes | I'm such a sucker for stacking boxes! Love them for styling pretty much everywhere

Twenty-two | pair of abstract sketches | their art curation is really spot on - love these as well

Twenty-three | striped cube | these will go anywhere/everywhere in your home

Twenty-four | woven nesting tables | really wishing I had a place for these! So good!

Twenty-five | gray rug | such a pretty pattern and comes in different sizes

Twenty-six | floral arrangement | this looks like such a classy faux that would brighten any space

Twenty-seven | wooden bench | such a great go-anywhere piece for a hallway, end of the bed, etc.

Twenty-eight | scribble sketch | Another piece I plan on buying, this scribble sketch is just perfect

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