Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Black and White Halloween Cheese Board

Today I want to share with you a project I had never tried before but found so fun - creating a cheese board! I wanted to create something that felt festive but still understated, so my board is monochromatic in black, white and dark purple.

Everything is from Aldi, who I always love for a great selection of unique and yummy food (not sponsored, just love them).

Lexie helped me put this together and especially loved cutting the cheese into little stars as a garnish.


1. Choose a lovely board
This striped marble board makes the prettiest backdrop, but there are tons of great options!

2. Choose a theme or color palette
I chose to keep everything in the same color family to be visually cohesive, but you could also choose a theme. Halloween candy would be fun!

3. Start with larger items
Place the larger items on the board first and build from there, layering in items as you go.

4. Balance sweet and savory
One of my favorite treats is a cracker, cheese, piece of salami and a grape to top it off. There's something about that mix of sweet and savory that's just so good. I also added in dark chocolate caramels for some extra sweetness.
5. Think about presentation
Charcuterie boards are a visual treat as much as a tasty one, so think about how you present all the elements. Instead of laying things in straight lines, create movement with curves. Layer in smaller morsels over larger elements to create depth.

I hope this inspires you to try a charcuterie board of your own - I was amazed how easy it was and how much my family absolutely loved snacking on it!

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