Monday, October 19, 2020

Our Fall Porch 2020

 One of my favorite things we did last year was style our porch for fall. We had just finished our exterior makeover and it was so nice to decorate and show off an exterior space of our home for the first time ever (we've never had an exterior that we liked). So I was happy to do the same thing again this year, especially with the new landscaping we just had installed this summer.

Since we always get questions, our front door color is matched to our shutters, but I think it looks similar to Sherwin Williams Uncertain Gray.

We had to search high and low for these white and muted pumpkins - I think we went to nine stores!

Love this little scalloped planter from Home Goods - I had lavender planted in it earlier this summer.

Our limelight hydrangeas are still small but produced quite a few blooms for their first year. I can't wait to see how they do the next few years!

I hope our front porch could inspire you to create a special fall space in your own home!


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