Monday, March 1, 2021

Easter Basket Ideas for Girls and Boys

One thing I've been surprised by since becoming a mama is how much joy it brings me to create magic around holidays for little ones. There is just nothing like watching a child (your child!) experience a holiday, and Easter happens to be one of my very favorites. I will never forget hunting for the candy and eggs hidden around our house on Easter morning, and hope my kids won't either. It's so much fun to surprise them with some fun little goodies from the Easter bunny as well! Here are my picks this year for Easter basket ideas for both little boys and little girls. I hope it helps inspire you to create magic for your littles! (See past ideas here)

Straw hats (girl, boy) - These are a spring and summer staple in our house. My kids love wearing hats and it makes any outing feel more special. Some of my favorite photos ever of each of them are of them in hats!

Bunny friend - I'm especially obsessed with the girl's bunny backpack - so sweet and every little girl loves a place to hide all her treasures. And I've been eyeing the new Henry bunny from Cuddle + Kind in his sweet blue overalls.

Bath Bombs/Chalk - Both things my kids are obsessed with right now! They could live in the bath, so some fun bath bombs (and I'll probably throw in some bubble bath too) will be a hit. And this egg shaped chalk is too cute!

Matching jammies (girl, boy) - I couldn't fit it on the collage, but these sweet gingham jammies come in a set with summer short ones as well. They're so classic!

Beach Buckets - These are a bit of a splurge, but such fun toys for summer that will last for years to come! The beach sets come in the prettiest colors!

Swim Cover Ups (girl, boy) - Can you tell I have our summer beach vacation on the brain? These are great for the warmer months to have something to throw on after the pool).

Swim Suits (girl, boy) - I always like to tuck a summer suit into their Easter baskets to get ready for the next season.

Monogram Hats - I already ordered these and they're just perfect! The small shop that makes them does a great job of communicating.

Easter Books - I've been dying to get Joanna Gaines' new book, Who You Were Made to Be, so that will be waiting for Lexie on Easter morning. We have the Peter Rabbit board book and it's perfect for toddlers!

Gingham Sleep Masks (girl, boy) - I don't know about you but my kids are waking up earlier and earlier - maybe these will help keep them snoozing just a bit longer?! (A mom can dream, right?)

Collapsible Travel Cups - These seem so handy and like you could take them anywhere to fill up on the go. (I think the blue sold out so here's another link to find it)

Rain Boots - Love that these are classic, simple and have handles to help the kids pull them on themselves.

Kids Garden Tools - My kids LOVE to help with the gardening and having little tools that are just their size is perfect for spring days spent outside.



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