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  1. It is beautiful. Love the use of so many neutrals. So soothing and calm. And agree, I too have a love hate relationship with bookcases.

  2. I am in love! Your house is coming together beautifully and it looks like you have a lot of space to have a lot of fun with!

  3. Your room is so lovely and cozy looking. You have styled it so well – truly magazine worthy.

  4. Love it all. Is the paint more of a gray or a taupe? I am looking for an in between of gray and taupe right now. Also, where did you get the fabulous pillows on your couch???

    Everything looks fantastic. What a great space.

  5. Everything looks so awesome. I too am looking for an in between gray/taupe paint right now for my dining room. Will have to check out your paint. I cannot wait to see your table. Looks so comfy but still classy.

    ~ Lisa ~

  6. Congratulations on your new home, Courtney. Your living room is beautiful! I love love the wall colour and the pretty mix of neutrals and textures. If hubby doesn't mind, we would love to see his man cave one day as I have 3 guys who would love something similar.

  7. Just wondering what your plan is for curtains? Our living room is SO similar to this, but I just can't decide on any curtains!

  8. LOVE your style..and your living room. So many pretty vignettes to enjoy!!!

  9. Can I ask you which rug this is from Overstock? It looks like the size and thickness I want, but there are many to choose from on their site.
    I love everything about this room!

  10. Is the silver fox a more recent colour? When I look on the colour wheel it does not appear grey at all. Yours seems the perfect grey. Would just like to confirm the wall colour with you

  11. Hi Jodi, Yes, it's Silver Fox! It's definitely a brown-based gray, so maybe that's why it looks different in the swatch? Hope that helps!

  12. I just love your living room and found it on Pinterest. I've been looking for a coffee table very similar to the bricklayer one you have. I'd love to know where you got it. Beautiful room!

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