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  1. Is the dining room Silver Fox? You've done such a great job choosing beautiful grays for your home! I bought so many gray samples and finally found a gray I love. However, much to my disappointment when I take photos of the room the walls still look white! Its a lovely gray in person, but that's not so helpful for a blogger! 🙂

  2. Wonderful post and perfect timing for me. I am in the process of picking out paint colors right now and I know I want to go with a pale gray color. Thanks for all the great tips.

  3. Great post! My favorite color is gray, which my home is made up mostly using gray and white. My walls are painted pure white and my ceiling painted in Cement (a gray from the Martha Stewart line). I love the color so much and it is a perfect pairing with my white walls, no matter what light they are projected in. I will definitely be checking out these colors you have mentioned because I have 2 bedrooms that need to be painted, like yesterday haha! May I ask what finish you used? Thank you!! xx Ashley

  4. Hey Lisa, yes the dining room is also Silver Fox! It's hard to tell, but our living and dining room are all one space. What a bummer on how your new gray photographs! That's something I never even considered, but is sort of a big deal when you're a blogger! Rats!

  5. Ooooh a gray ceiling with white walls sounds beautiful! The finish I used is eggshell. Happy painting! : )

  6. Great inspiration photos! I switched from tan to grey this year and the ones I have used so far are Revere Pewter on our main floor with Simply White, and Gray Owl in our half bath on the main floor. Our main bath upstairs (the guy's bathroom) is a work in progress but it is freshly painted a dark grey (the name escapes me.)

  7. Oh, and your papa's painting is lovely. How lucky you are to have a piece to cherish like that.

  8. Oh, and your papa's painting is lovely. How lucky you are to have a piece to cherish like that.

  9. Hi courtney! Just wondering what your thoughts are on Sherwin williams perfect greige? My name is Janel, but my comments come up under my husband's email john 🙂

  10. Great tips, Court!! Ps – I love that pic of Matt in the background, full Chiefs gear, glued to the TV 😉

  11. That painting is absolutely gorgeous, as is the wall color behind it. I painted our bathroom revere pewter because of the popularity and HATED it. It read as lavender, which I thought was bizarre for a space with a ton of natural light. I immediately painted over it with another greige. My sister put it in a guest room and it's gorgeous. Go figure.

  12. My house, at least the main living area are all varying shades of gray. The color is so fresh to me. I adore it, I tried to do different colors and kept going back to gray. These are great options for that color.

    Emily- Our house now a home

  13. Hi there! Just want to make sure my comment went through – I am painting my entire condo gray, but I'm struggling to find a gray without any blue, purple, green or brown undertones. Which of the grays that you've used is closest to a TRUE gray? I love the Stonington gray, but I can't tell how it reads in person. Thanks for your help! Your home is lovely 🙂

  14. Love your grey's, everyone of your rooms are amazing…. What about painting the block fireplace white with a cement floor stucco paint ….? I did mine in my last home and everyone who entered then went home and made that there next quick project. I think the wall grey and the white trim with the white book cases will elongate that wall making the fireplace disappear yet with perfect balance to that focal wall.

    See you soon and the beauty you inspire.


  15. I'd love to know where you got your two botanical prints on either side of the arched mirror. I've been looking for the perfect pair and those are perfect! I also love the frames. Any details??

  16. Could you please tell me where you got your wooden and metal coffee table? I cannot find one as nice as yours, and I love it!! I would greatly appreciate it!! Love your home! Thanks!

  17. Hi – We have Boothbay Gray in our master bedroom as well. Trying to find a nice gray for our master bath (it is currently linen white like the majority of our house). Do you like Stonington with it?

  18. I had Silver Fox put in my foyer and it has blue or green undertones. I was hoping for the taupe-like that you mentioned. Do you think there is a problem with the paint?

  19. Id love to get your opinion…
    I am having to repaint my living/family room because the "grey" color I choose…
    Unfortunately, ended up coming/looking far too blue then grey. So, I really like/love the "Coventrey Gray" color you went with in your hearth room especially after reading what you had to say about the color. My ? &/or what Id like to get your option about or on is…
    I'd like to do a an accent wall=A shade or two darker of then this color. Which color would you suggest?
    Plus, for my dining room I think Ive narrowed it down to; "Boothbay Gray." However, we had a Gambrel ceiling put in/added which means, I have NO IDEA what or which color or shade to go with for those 45* angles which go up to the ceiling. Last but not least, the the ceiling…
    FYI; I am NOT AT ALL opposed to painting the ceiling a different/ lighter shade of that Boothbay gray color. Again, I just don't know which shade or color to go with.
    Pretty pretty please…
    I not only welcome but I REALLY REALLY REALLY need some help, assistance, guidance, ideas &/or suggestions.
    Thank you VERY much,

  20. Getting ready to paint a Master bedroom with dark furniture. What would be a great color of Gray to use? also Master bathroom? Not wanting blue tones.
    Thanks, Shari

  21. Hi there, I would say the truest gray in our house is the Stonington Gray. Keep in mind, though, that each paint reads differently in different light and settings, so I'd try a swatch out first if you can! Hope that helps!

  22. Hi there, sorry to say they are antiques! Purchased in Savannah, GA. But my favorite trick for great botanicals is printing them from antique prints ( is a great resources, there's also tons of links on Pinterest). Hope that helps!

  23. Thanks! It's from Home Decorators! Check out the Paint Colors & Resources tab for all the details on our home!

  24. Yes that's possible, especially if you had it color-matched elsewhere. Mine is actual Benjamin Moore paint. But, all paints do have different undertones in different light, so it could just be your particular space. Hard to know! Sorry it didn't turn out like you were thinking : (

  25. Hey Natalie, thanks for reaching out! Sounds like you've got some big choices to make. Right now I'm not able to offer specific decorating advice, but there are quite a few other bloggers who offer this service. Rooms for Rent, House Seven blog, My Sweet Savannah are a few who come to mind. I bet they could help you pick the perfect shade if you sent them some photos and discussed the look you were going for. Hope that helps!

  26. Hi Shari, the colors in our home without blue in them (at least in our specific light) are Stonington and Silver Fox. Hope that helps!

  27. I hated the revere pewter as well. painted my bathroom with it and it had a strong green undertone.

  28. I hated the revere pewter as well. painted my bathroom with it and it had a strong green undertone.

  29. Hi Courtney, Thanks so much for your article and great recommendations. What is the best Gray to match up against Honey Oak Wood molding, Bead Board and Barn Doors of the same color? I just picked up samples of Gray Owl and Silver Gray (BM) today, and then read your advice on the samples 🙂 Thanks in advance!

  30. Hi Courtney!
    I've been *trying* to paint my living room and kitchen for over a year but have had bad luck finding THE perfect gray! Just the other day I realized I may have found it: Silver Fox! My living room faces north and a tiny bit of eastern exposure, so it's low light (not much natural light). I want to counter-balance the cool/blue light with a warmer gray, but NOT taupe! Would Silver Fox do the trick, without it making my already low-light room much darker? It's currently a sage green, a mid-tone green with a definite gray base. If I go too light it just looks drab and dirty, too dark and… well, you know!
    Also, I can't find the LRV of Silver Fox! Do you know what it is, Courtney?

  31. Hi, Thanks to this blog I have found the perfect colour for my kitchen/dining room (silver fox) could you please tell me what finish you chose for that paint? Matte, Flat, Eggshell, Satin/pearl, gloss/semi gloss or special? Many thanks 🙂

  32. We just painted our newly opened up kitchen/family room Coventry gray. In the family room it often looks almost a baby blue….not our intende look at all. Do you have any suggestions for down playing the blue undertones and bringing out more of neutral gray for which we had hoped? Thanjs

  33. Hi! Your color choices are gorgeous! What white paint color did you choose for your trim? Thank you!

  34. Beautiful rooms! Thank you for sharing! We just bought a house and the dining room is light blue on the top half of the walls and dark blue on the bottom half. I'm painting them light gray on top and darker gray on bottom, but not too dark. What two grays from BM would look nice together? I'm drawn to Silver Fox and Revere Pewter but I'm not sure about the undertones going well together with whatever I choose.

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