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  1. Such a beautiful room! Are you happy with your coverlet so far? I've been eyeing it since I've seen it in your reveal but I've bought a coverlet before from this brand and it didn't hold up well in the wash 🙁 It's on major sale right now though!

  2. We just got a new down comforter in white for our bed a few weeks ago. LOVE IT – white really makes the room feel so crisp and clean. TWO THUMBS UP Your style makes me smile 🙂

  3. I am thinking of doing a complete do over for our bedroom. the only piece currently that we have that we bought new is an armoire. I bought my dresser and matching bed stead for about $200. So everything in the bedroom is mix matched! I think it is time for a grown up room! so your post was really inspiring for me! thanks for sharing!

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